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Bud has been a Professional Caddie at one of Southern California's top rated golf resorts for over 5 years. He has Caddied for some top sports figures along with the average everyday golfer like you, who will never get paid to play but loves to get out for the day and chase the little white ball around. He walks, runs, and jogs over 5 miles a day and needs something easy and nutritional to keep him on his toes. Although Bud has tried many different types of Jerky, there were none out there with the flavor and texture he was looking for. So Crystal his wife, started making it for him out of there kitchen. After tweaking and experimenting with different ingredients, she came up with the "Original" Pepper Steak Jerky. Bud brought it to work to munch on and soon shared it with his clients and co-workers who loved it so much he would never have any left after his round. The texture and quality was like no other Jerky on the market today. So wife Crystal continued to make it for about 3 years, but then had a crazy idea, let's start a business so that we can share this awesome Jerky with everybody. So Christmas of 2013, Bud got a unique Christmas present. Packages of different flavored Jerky that Crystal had been working on for months, of course without his knowledge. A logo that looked just like Bud was created and the whole package came in the gift. Needless to say, "Hole In One Jerky" was born.



How is our Jerky different?  Each batch of "Hole In One Jerky" is handcrafted from whole perfectly thick cut slices of USDA Choice London Broil, no flank steak or brisket here, which makes our Jerky tender, so when you take a bite, you won't lose a tooth. We are a small company that makes our product on a daily basis. It's always fresh. Handcrafted in small batches, from slicing to marinade (2 days soak time, by the way) straight to the package. The ingredients are all natural without added nitrates, preservatives, artificial ingredients, colorings or MSG.



We are very proud of the quality of our product and continue to add different flavors and different types of meat.

Exotic's coming soon too. So whether you golf, bike, hike, play poker or whatever your hobby, or you just want a low fat, nutritional snack,


"Hole In One Jerky" is for you.

You will definitely taste the difference!!


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